Embroidered Raw Silk Tallit - Miriam and the drum

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Embroidered Raw Silk Tallit - Miriam and the drum
Yair Emanuel is proud to present their exciting collection of raw silk appliqu'd Tallit sets. This breathtaking raw silk tallit features a motif of Miriam singing with a drum at the Red Sea and Debora the prophet under the date palm. On the atara (yoke) it says "Vatikach Miriam HaNeviya Et HaTof BeYada" (And Miriam the prophetess took the drum in her hand) in Hebrew. How wonderful to sing and pray with Miriam and Debora! The tallit is made from hand woven raw silk. The stripes, atarah (yoke), corners and the figures motif are made of applique'd raw silk sewed onto the tallit with embroidery.A matching bag and kippa are included with the tallit.Sizes:15" X 70"34" X 75"