Embroidered Raw Silk Women Tallit - Tallisack - Flowers WHITE

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Embroidered Raw Silk Women Tallit - Tallisack - Flowers White
Yair Emanuel is proud to present their unique collection of “Tallisacks”.This inventive idea from Yair Emanuel is a great twist on the traditional tallit and tallit bag. Made especially for women, this beautiful silk embroidered tallit comes with a tallit bag that doubles as a fashion bag. It’s a fun, new way to carry your tallit in style. The tallit is made of white silk with green stripes and embroidered pink flowers decorating the body, corners, and yoke of the garment. On the yoke surrounded by the flowers is part of the blessing that we say, "...asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vitzivanu lehitatef betzitzit" (G-d made us holy through commanding us to done the tzitzit) in Hebrew. It’s the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, birthday, or any other happy occasion for a special woman in your life.The tallit and tallit bag also come with a matching white kippa.Size: 16” X 70”